Saturday, October 16, 2010

Can we not bottle the Autumn air?

I want to start off by saying the Autumn has got to be the most wonderful season. Each has its own charm, but there is something about when the air gets a tad bit cooler here in Canada that just makes me feel all warm and cuddley inside.
Its a time where you are not sweating your buns off or freezing your toes off. Its comfortable, its beautiful, the leaves are changing colours and everything smells so good!!!

I made a wrap back in the summer in honour of this beautiful season. I call it "Crunchy Leaves". It is a beautiful 55% linen, 45% cotton blend I picked up at our local Fabric Land here in London Ontario, and dyed it using Dylon Cold Water Dyes. I to be honest, wasnt sure I liked how it turned out. But as the days went by it really started to grow on me. My son who gets to be wrapped up in it on these beautiful days of Autumn really seems to get excited when it comes out of the closet to be worn.

The one tricky thing with anything linen though it seems is that it is, really a bit more crunchy than material that is only cotton for instance.
It wasnt as soft to start and required "breaking in" .
This required some knotting, ironing, sleeping on, sitting on, using it as a tug of war toy between children (they did really enjoy this).
Now I find it is a lot more soft. And linen is really supportive as well! Its a very comfortable wrap! Dyes up quite nicely as well. Its like a rock, its sturdy. We like it!!