Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trying tie dye for the first time.

What an exciting process this has been, even though I did not wear gloves, and my fingers are now a few colours they werent before I started.
I used acrylic paints and 100 percent unbleached cotton.

I did a halter top as well, but forgot to take pictures. It was fun, I hope it turns out because if it doesnt that would be a waste of fabric, but I cant see how it wont work. I have been told it will turn out really good with acrylics! So heres hoping!
tie dye sling dying

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Totally in love with babywearing

If I was to go back about 10 years I would have never thought I would be carrying a baby on my back in a ring sling, and I definatly wouldnt have imagined I would be making them! But here I am, making them and LOVING it!
For those who dont understand how wonderful baby wearing can be, let me tell you it is so fantastic!
I want to do a whole post on this later on hopefully this week. Right now I am dealing with a head cold and a teething baby boy. But baby wearing has helped me along during my sick day. He's up in my arms, and I am not chasing him everywhere around the house while I am trying to get as much done as I can while feeling like...poo!

A little quick mention about what this page was started for, my ring slings. They sell for aprox 30 dollars unless you have a specific request that would obviously run the price up (ie, hemp fabrics and other fabrics that are expensive).

Again I appologize to those who have been bugging me to get this page up and running. I have just been so busy! This business has taken off and I am so proud of it!


Candace ~~ Barefoot Buttercup