Friday, October 19, 2012

Its bullying no matter how you look at it

This will most likly come off sounding condeming or rude and finger pointing but its really bugging me.
In light of suicide caused by bullying, Amanda Todd has made the country talk.  People are standing up and police are cracking down on people who like to pray on people verbally and physically.
However, it doesnt stop here.  Way too often I have noticed how careless we can be not even 24 hours after we hashtag #stopbullying or share a young girls last words on YouTube, sharing our discust with the people who tore her down. Then we turn around post passive agressive or just plain aggressive posts about our political leaders, wifes, ex-wives, husbands, ex-husbands, friends, family, neighbors. Now I know families, friends, teachers, kids, neighborhoods and politics (politicians get a lot of negativity these days) can be difficult and full of all sorts of not so nice things... But do you honestly think it helps to bash them constantly?  Is this not bullying too? Do I need to go on? Is this not all bullying?  Yes everyone is entitled to their opinions and yes people can make us angry or frustrated.  But to belittle and bash is seriously not going to make it better.  Society rips people who displease them a new one and then cry out because a girl killed herself because of bullying...come on now tell me how this makes sense?  Its all the same.  I do not care if these people being bashed ever see what is being said or not, others do and it sets forth more negativity into this world and haven't we had enough? 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A perhaps kinda ugly babywearing patchwork sweater jacket.

So I have always been fascinated with the gorgeous patchwork jackets, sweaters and well anything patchwork to be honest.
I had an idea to make a winter jacket for babywearing our baby this fall/winter/spring and I decided to give it a try.
Let me tell you it is a lot of work and now I know why the women who create the beautiful dresses on Etsy charge so much money.

Mine didn't turn out the way I wanted.  I posted it on Facebook very dissapointed with how it turned out and everyone seemed to actually like it.  Its definatly not warm enough for winter even with the lining.  I wore it to the bus stop with the kids the other morning when it was raining and I was chilled coming in.  Guess that means I have to make another jacket for winter ;)
But I wanted to share this mixed matched creation with you all anyways.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shes here and all wrapped up.

Last Wednesday August 1st we welcomed miss Tehillah-Joy into our lives, born in water at home surrounded by love.  7lbs 12oz.

Can I tell you I'm in complete and total love, and also that this little girl loves to be worn!  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watermellon Sunshine

Ok, I THINK I have gotten my dye fix now.   This girl on her way has three new wraps to be snuggled up in.  Today I made her a short wrap, three meters to be used more like a sling.  We are calling this one "Watermellon Sunshine."  Today it was hot out, perfect sunshine and definatly a day for watermellon too. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Violet Clouds

So yesterday I got to dye another wrap I made for baby number four.  I decided last minute due to an illness rampaging our house to do it low water immersion since its a very simple "leave it be" type of dying.  I just had to go in every once and a while and add more dye and such.  I mostly sat on the couch with the sick children.  It got to a point in the evening where I couldnt even deal with dying and let it sit all night before rinsing and washing this morning. 

I am very pleased on how it turned out.  Now hopefully tonight I can get started on her last one (still debating on ringsling or shorter wrap

Monday, April 30, 2012

Tiki's Reef

This Sunday I needed to spend the morning home with a sick seven year old.  We were homebound and as the boys headed out to church we decided to get some sewing done.  We got one wrap done for baby number four.  Plans were to sew the two we planned on doing, but I busted my last sewing needle finishing up the first wrap (figures! LOL)  We made a quick makeshift dying center amongst the dishes in our kitchen and decided to do the yellow/turquoiseish wrap today.  We started with the yellow, in total the yellow took two hours.  I wanted to do a slow gradiation process, I wanted it to be smooth, slow and steady wins the race. My daughter (as well as me) had to practice our paitience.  By afternoon we were able to start on the turquoise.  Alexis was very excited for this as its one of her favorite colours. 

Terror struck me when finishing the turquoise side... the wrap slipped out of my hands and back into the bucket.  A HUGE blotch of turquoise dye hit the yellow side and stuck like glue.  I stood there in horror and just wanted to cry... then I took a big breath and dunked the whole thing into the dye (so glad I didnt dump it all out) and let it sit for a few minutes then took the sucker to the washing machine praying it would turn out okay...

I love how it turned out!  The yellow wasnt effected nearly as badly as I believed it was!  I cant wait to get started on the others I have planned :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Its almost time again...

While we paitiently await the birth of our fourth child, and my sewing machine and fabric dyes get antsy to start making up wraps again.  My wraps have been folded and refolded, *sigh* I cannot wait to start babywearing little ones again.
Only 15 more weeks....

photos by my seven year old Alexis ... photographer in the making