Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watermellon Sunshine

Ok, I THINK I have gotten my dye fix now.   This girl on her way has three new wraps to be snuggled up in.  Today I made her a short wrap, three meters to be used more like a sling.  We are calling this one "Watermellon Sunshine."  Today it was hot out, perfect sunshine and definatly a day for watermellon too. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Violet Clouds

So yesterday I got to dye another wrap I made for baby number four.  I decided last minute due to an illness rampaging our house to do it low water immersion since its a very simple "leave it be" type of dying.  I just had to go in every once and a while and add more dye and such.  I mostly sat on the couch with the sick children.  It got to a point in the evening where I couldnt even deal with dying and let it sit all night before rinsing and washing this morning. 

I am very pleased on how it turned out.  Now hopefully tonight I can get started on her last one (still debating on ringsling or shorter wrap