Monday, December 29, 2008

We got a breech brat! lol!

About 7 weeks ago or so, my midwife announced to me, our baby boy, due January 29th was breech. This scared me, but when I went back to my next appt, he had went head down. WELL, last week I went in again, and found out the little stinker is head up again. Im 35.5 weeks about now and I am nearing the end of the road here lol! My midwife will come to my house on the 6th and check again. I have been getting a lot of people to pray for baby Zayden and I that he will turn for the birth if it is what God wants. I am terrified of having a c-section, but if that is the safest route for my baby, then that will be what I am happy with. My first two were births in a hospital, my daughter I had an epidural, my son who was a whopping 10.8lbs, I had natural. This time I am planning a homebirth. In Ontario, you cannot deliever a breech baby at home. I did try an inversion tonight. dont know if I was successful or not. Im a bit nervous about trying new things. I wouldnt want to hurt the baby at all in any way. I know that whether I have the baby at home, at the hospital or in surgury.. I just want him to be healthy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Holidays!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Babywearing during pregnancy.

Edited- October 10th - I took a picture yesterday afternoon of my big man in his carrier.


I cannot believe the looks I get from people when I am wearing my 18 month old son and carrying my other son inside me. Its so bizzare. I am used to people saying to me "that cant be comfortable!" when I wasnt pregnant carrying my big old boy, then only to make them realize that its so absolutly wonderful, but to now have them just blatantly FREAKING OUT because I am babywearing during pregnancy. Just makes me wanna go bonkers!


I looove being pregnant, and I love wearing my son. I always carry him on my back now, and he just loves it! I really need to get a pregnancy picture of me carrying him. There is no reason for a woman to stop wearing there baby if they are pregnant if they are used to doing it anyways. I dont see the difference between that and bending down to push a stroller or pull a wagon. This is a great article on baby wearing while pregnant for those interested!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Celebrate With Me

Celebrate With Me

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Previously Sold Ring Slings

A Gallery of Previously Sold BarefootButtercup Ring Slings
Barefoot Buttercup Ring Slings

Autumn 2008

The summer was very wonderful to our family and we feel extreemly blessed!
Autumn is now here and things couldnt be better!

Next Saturday Barefoot Buttercup will be giving away a baby sling at the 2nd annual Breastfeeding Challenge in Arnprior's OEYC. Nursing Mothers get ready and be there! Nurse off is at 10:30!!!! Show your support to breastfeeding moms everywhere!
lll sling
~*~*~ This is the sling that has been donated~*~*~

We are expecting a beatiful baby boy in January 2009! We could not be more excited to have another child as well as to be able to wear a newborn again!

The tie dye slings are finally a success!

Tie Dye/BlackTie Dye

Took some tinkering with dyes etc, but I got it finally and now we are selling them!

Natural Moms Talk Radio

La Leche League

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fruit Dyed slings for spring!

I am so pleased to announce that I will be doing custom orders for fruit dyed ring slings this year! They are done with unbleached cotton and the colours are absolutly wonderful. I will have photo's posted soon of swatches. The cost will be 40$ plus shipping. The cost is higher than my other slings because of the process that comes with fruit dying. Just takes a little more care and time. Please contact me if you are interested!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trying tie dye for the first time.

What an exciting process this has been, even though I did not wear gloves, and my fingers are now a few colours they werent before I started.
I used acrylic paints and 100 percent unbleached cotton.

I did a halter top as well, but forgot to take pictures. It was fun, I hope it turns out because if it doesnt that would be a waste of fabric, but I cant see how it wont work. I have been told it will turn out really good with acrylics! So heres hoping!
tie dye sling dying

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Totally in love with babywearing

If I was to go back about 10 years I would have never thought I would be carrying a baby on my back in a ring sling, and I definatly wouldnt have imagined I would be making them! But here I am, making them and LOVING it!
For those who dont understand how wonderful baby wearing can be, let me tell you it is so fantastic!
I want to do a whole post on this later on hopefully this week. Right now I am dealing with a head cold and a teething baby boy. But baby wearing has helped me along during my sick day. He's up in my arms, and I am not chasing him everywhere around the house while I am trying to get as much done as I can while feeling like...poo!

A little quick mention about what this page was started for, my ring slings. They sell for aprox 30 dollars unless you have a specific request that would obviously run the price up (ie, hemp fabrics and other fabrics that are expensive).

Again I appologize to those who have been bugging me to get this page up and running. I have just been so busy! This business has taken off and I am so proud of it!


Candace ~~ Barefoot Buttercup