Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Babywearing during pregnancy.

Edited- October 10th - I took a picture yesterday afternoon of my big man in his carrier.


I cannot believe the looks I get from people when I am wearing my 18 month old son and carrying my other son inside me. Its so bizzare. I am used to people saying to me "that cant be comfortable!" when I wasnt pregnant carrying my big old boy, then only to make them realize that its so absolutly wonderful, but to now have them just blatantly FREAKING OUT because I am babywearing during pregnancy. Just makes me wanna go bonkers!


I looove being pregnant, and I love wearing my son. I always carry him on my back now, and he just loves it! I really need to get a pregnancy picture of me carrying him. There is no reason for a woman to stop wearing there baby if they are pregnant if they are used to doing it anyways. I dont see the difference between that and bending down to push a stroller or pull a wagon. This is a great article on baby wearing while pregnant for those interested!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Celebrate With Me

Celebrate With Me

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Previously Sold Ring Slings

A Gallery of Previously Sold BarefootButtercup Ring Slings
Barefoot Buttercup Ring Slings

Autumn 2008

The summer was very wonderful to our family and we feel extreemly blessed!
Autumn is now here and things couldnt be better!

Next Saturday Barefoot Buttercup will be giving away a baby sling at the 2nd annual Breastfeeding Challenge in Arnprior's OEYC. Nursing Mothers get ready and be there! Nurse off is at 10:30!!!! Show your support to breastfeeding moms everywhere!
lll sling
~*~*~ This is the sling that has been donated~*~*~

We are expecting a beatiful baby boy in January 2009! We could not be more excited to have another child as well as to be able to wear a newborn again!

The tie dye slings are finally a success!

Tie Dye/BlackTie Dye

Took some tinkering with dyes etc, but I got it finally and now we are selling them!

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