Monday, December 29, 2008

We got a breech brat! lol!

About 7 weeks ago or so, my midwife announced to me, our baby boy, due January 29th was breech. This scared me, but when I went back to my next appt, he had went head down. WELL, last week I went in again, and found out the little stinker is head up again. Im 35.5 weeks about now and I am nearing the end of the road here lol! My midwife will come to my house on the 6th and check again. I have been getting a lot of people to pray for baby Zayden and I that he will turn for the birth if it is what God wants. I am terrified of having a c-section, but if that is the safest route for my baby, then that will be what I am happy with. My first two were births in a hospital, my daughter I had an epidural, my son who was a whopping 10.8lbs, I had natural. This time I am planning a homebirth. In Ontario, you cannot deliever a breech baby at home. I did try an inversion tonight. dont know if I was successful or not. Im a bit nervous about trying new things. I wouldnt want to hurt the baby at all in any way. I know that whether I have the baby at home, at the hospital or in surgury.. I just want him to be healthy.

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