Monday, April 30, 2012

Tiki's Reef

This Sunday I needed to spend the morning home with a sick seven year old.  We were homebound and as the boys headed out to church we decided to get some sewing done.  We got one wrap done for baby number four.  Plans were to sew the two we planned on doing, but I busted my last sewing needle finishing up the first wrap (figures! LOL)  We made a quick makeshift dying center amongst the dishes in our kitchen and decided to do the yellow/turquoiseish wrap today.  We started with the yellow, in total the yellow took two hours.  I wanted to do a slow gradiation process, I wanted it to be smooth, slow and steady wins the race. My daughter (as well as me) had to practice our paitience.  By afternoon we were able to start on the turquoise.  Alexis was very excited for this as its one of her favorite colours. 

Terror struck me when finishing the turquoise side... the wrap slipped out of my hands and back into the bucket.  A HUGE blotch of turquoise dye hit the yellow side and stuck like glue.  I stood there in horror and just wanted to cry... then I took a big breath and dunked the whole thing into the dye (so glad I didnt dump it all out) and let it sit for a few minutes then took the sucker to the washing machine praying it would turn out okay...

I love how it turned out!  The yellow wasnt effected nearly as badly as I believed it was!  I cant wait to get started on the others I have planned :)

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