Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Barbie Crochet Mei Tai Pattern

So my boys were in the tub having a bath and I was sitting there with some yarn and a hook. What to do while these boys splash about? Make a baby carrier ofcourse! This was so easy, very basic crochet.

Now I am NOT a pattern maker, so please bare with me if this pattern isn't "pattern like" :)

I used a US G (4mm) crochet hook and some acrylic yarn I had kicking around from other projects.

I started at the bottom of the body of the mei tai.

Chain 8
Row 1- SC across to end, turn
Row 2- 5(or6?) HDC across to end, turn.
To make the top curved a bit I SC the first stitch, and the second then did a HDC the next four, then SC the last two.

Then I started the one sides top strap and chained 40 then single crochet across this again and slip stitched it to the body of the mei tai and fastened off. Then on the other side I did this again, chaining 40 and single crochetin' across and attaching it to the side of the mei tai, and fastening off.

For the bottom strap I chained 30, then single crochet across this to the other end, fastened off and then centered it to the bottom of the mei tai body and crocheted (seriously is that a word? "crocheted"?) them together. And voila! A little Barbie mei tai

Nothing fancy, but for sure very cute !!!!!
If you do one up, I'd love to see it!!!!

Happy Babywearing Barbie!


Allergy Mum said...

I love it. You are so creative. I hope all is going well with you and the family.
Allergy Mum -

Hippie Housewife said...

Oh my goodness. Could that be any cuter???

BarefootButtercup said...

hehehe thanks ladies