Monday, February 28, 2011

Gettin a wee big for being on the front dont cha think?

Today was the first time in a very long time that I have had to wear our two year old on my front. We have been doing back carriers for what seems like eons now, but today he was just so tired of being out and about (fabric shopping *squee!*) the he just wanted to nurse and go to bed, so I had to put him in a front carry in our wrap. He was very very happy then! But Im telling you, its very hard to do things when you have a thirty pound kid on your front! Trying to pay for things, getting into my purse... to any woman who wears their toddler on their front still even 50% of the time, I tip my hat to you. It wasnt easy.

The looks I got with him on my front were quite different than the looks I get when he is on my back.  People were like "wow you are brave"... my back was telling me the same thing ... wearing that big of a baby on your front no matter what kind of carrier takes guts I think.  But I would rather him be on the front of me and being a bit uncomfortable for an hour than have him scream out loud "BOOB!" every two seconds...yes we are working on table manners STILL.  (he signs it at the same time, does that count?)

Its bitter sweet.  We figure this is probably the last year of babywearing in our house unless I do find that ingenious way to wear our husky or cat... (Im kidding..or am I?).  I remember him just being born and being all cozy breastfeeding while in the carrier and me being able to do laundry or whatever I needed to be doing.  It can still be done, but it requires a bit more paitience and space LOL.  But we will cherrish these moments still with a few laughs :D 

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