Monday, September 28, 2009

Excuse me there is a baby following you!!!

"Excuse me, there is a baby following you!"
I just had to laugh today when a neighbour of ours pointed this out to me as I carried Zayden under my heavy wool jacket in his pod to do some errands this morning. I stopped in my tracks, looked left, then right and shouted "WHERE!?! WHERE?!?!" then I peeked back to see his amazing smile and said "oh that guy, yea he seems to do that alot!"

I also must add that I am so very very happy to have discovered babywearing. Yesterday evening

my husband and I decided to bring our big old double stroller out and on our way home, at about 9:30pm, the wheels had it and the double stroller kicked the bucket. This would probably anger someone who doesnt know how to tie a baby on their back, but HURRAY! I can do just that!!! SEE YOU LATER YOU BIG OLD DUMB STROLLER! I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAYS.. although it did hold groceries quite well!!!!

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