Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Apprentice, Barefoot Buttercup style

Im on the journey of making myself my own quilted wide blanket pod. My husband is out for the eveing so I decided that I would start doing it tonight, we have been so busy packing for our big move I have no idea why I decided to take on a project NOW...but I did, and there's no stopping me...

or is there??

This is the one evening, my almost 8 month old son decides he needs me to lay next to him in order for him to be at bliss. Nevermind sneaking off once he's snoring. Cheek to cheek, no going back to the sewing machine. Do not pass Go, do not collect 100 dollars...poo poo on this.

So I said HAHA I'll show you!!
In the pod you go.

You can learn how to sew as you sit back there, you can learn the art of making carriers. You can take over for Mom one day
this Podaegi can get done before the snow flies!

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