Sunday, April 18, 2010

Moved and Settled In. Enjoying babywearing in London

So lots has gone on. We moved to London, and we are really enjoying our time here. Its a big change from little old Arnprior, which I miss a lot! But being in the big city has its advantages..for on..the fabric stores! LOL.

I came across a few great finds at one store here for wrapping. The first find was wayyyyy low in the upholstry section. Burried under bolts and bolts. It was the last 5 meters and I snagged it. It was an unknown fiber, but after doing a burn test I have concluded its rayon. It is so comfortable. I was able to make two, one has gone to a great home, and the other one is still with me. The material was on clearance too. it was generally 18 dollars a meter, and was marked way down. Which is always a bonus.

The second one was not so hidden in the upholstry section, but a beautiful woven cotton that I couldnt resist. I made a pod for a customer using it and made a wrap for me. And ofcourse I had to grab a pile of dyes to change it from its plain white to something unique and one of a kind

So if you are thinkin of taking the DIY baby carrier plunge dont be afraid of getting down on your hands and knees and looking hard in the fabric store for some amazing comfortable finds!!!

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