Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Changing the look of Barefoot Buttercup forever...

I have been sitting here chewing on my whole buisness for a while. Do I really want to make a profit off a cause that is so dear to my heart???
I have never really dont barefoot buttercup for profit. A lot of people have contacted me infact stating my prices are way to low, there is a reason for that... I want babywearing to be accessable to all, not just some. However, as the years have gone by I have realized my true passion is helping people create their own beautiful wraps. This has been the most fun. I had a tie dye party a few months ago, where ladies came and tiedyed their own wraps they either had purchased or made themselves out of a simple peice of gauze. This made me realize, this is where I want to be, helping ladies make their own carriers, and not nessesarily making them for them.
So what do I do? Im thinking of holding workshops, providing information over the internet and standing up for the simple peice of cloth that sometimes gets forgotton.
So over the next while on my webpage and blog and facebook pages, there will be changes. They might be gradual or abrupt... but they will happen. And I am feeling pretty good about it too!!

Happy Babywearing!!

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Carly said...

Yay you!!!