Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slingin gifts

Lots and lots of babies are being born these past few months.  When I think of what to gift for Mom's, Dad's and babes, I usually think babywearing. 

My younger sister gave birth to premature twins in October of 2010. They went through a lot of illness, struggles, tears, these tiny wee dudes are tough, and are now home with their Mommy and Daddy.  I havent seen them since they were in incubators but this month I have the honor of going to see them again.  Both are around the 10 lbs mark and are smiling and full of joy!
Since they are fighters, and both Mommy and Daddy are avid hunters, I had to do them in camo.
I dont know if I have come up for an official name for them but Im thinking one "Elmer" and the other "Fudd" ???

 Be wary wary quiet, we're wearing twins.....

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