Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ring Slings

I got an email today regarding the learning curve with wraps and the person was looking to learn how to make their own ring sling.  Since I used to sell them, they figured I would give instruction, but I decided to pass this person along to Jan Andrea since she is very much the expert on DIY ring slings.  Her webpage has all the information you will ever need for making ring slings.  A lot of people do like ring slings more than wraps.  For one reason, they are much more easier to use when you are starting with babywearing.  I think it took a day or so to learn how to really get the ring sling where I liked it, where as the wrap it took a few weeks of trying different things, and sometimes frustration trying to get it just right.  However with an older kid I would rather a wrap because there is more support over your entire body, but for wee squishes, I'd take a ring sling. 
So for those looking for information on ring slings, I do sudjest checking out Jan Andreas webpage. 

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