Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some of my favorite babywearing photos

Going through my albums recently brought back a lot of memories of babywearing moments that have passed through our household.  Each shares such a terrific story.  We have so much fun with the carriers that have come to life in our house.  I wanted to share some of them with you.

the first sling I ever made.  Made with fabric my Mom got at the thrift store and some sturdy hardware rings. Those puppies hold up to 300 lbs! LOL

Cinderella's first Mei Tai

dinowearing (this didnt last long) LOL

That was a long Santa Clause Parade

puppy wearing! Im a proud Grandma!
These were my "furry" sons children LOL.

Eyore wearin'

Spiderman hitchin a ride


dancin with Mom

Iron Mom

Planting my thrid childs Cherry Tree (he is inside the wrap snoozin away)


teach em young

Step away from the wife with the wooden spoon LOL

who is this weirdo who's wearing me?

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