Friday, April 1, 2011

Simulator Dolls, highschool, and babywearing

Remember those simulator dolls from highschool?
Remember bring these things home thinking this was going to be a peice of cake... and if you were like me bringing it back after 24 hours of being sick from nervousness from failing your parenting class, and luggin the car seat around, lugging the stroller on the bus, bringing the big huge diaper bag etc.

Man I really wish I knew about babywearing then. 

I think I would have kept the doll for as long as I was supposed to.  Instead I wrote an essay about why I knew I would never be a parent...

I have three amazing children as I type this who make me smile everyday.  Those dolls do work showing that babies arent easy peasy, but they lack character thats for sure!  

But I just sit here laughing because if I just had a sling, or a wrap, heck even a snuggli carrier I would have been soooooo less stressed.  

Those things werent even mentioned to me as an option! 

I kinda got excited tonight too because I know full out that if my children do have to use these simulator dolls during parenting class I am TOTALLY going to be pulling out the stash that I know I will probably never be able to part with.

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