Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christina's Ruckless Back Carry with a Mei Tai

A real sweet mamma on was tinkering around with chest straps while wrapping her child.  She created this way of wrapping her child, and at the same time, I was trying to find a way to wear my son in his mei tai without the straps slipping. Strap slippage has been a problem of mine with wraps, mei tais, pods... I guess my shoulders arent built for babywearing perhaps, but never the less, this has really made it comfortable for me to wear my son in his mei tai. Above is a video I did before I even knew what it was called and then edited it afterwards. Sorry for any confusion.  Maybe sometime when I have a good quiet moment we will re do.  

Like I said this can be done in a wrap as well as it was designed for that!!  

Will it work with all mei tais?  Maybe not, depending on the angle your straps are. My mei tai has angled straps and it seems to be a bit lower on one side, but he doesnt feel lopsided in it. But I think that it also depends on the angle.  Im not totally experienced in the mei tais.  A mei tai with straight straps I bet would rock this carry!!!

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