Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This morning we woke up once again to another dumping of snow.  To think yesterday we were in our sweaters only heading to the coffee shop, today, snowpants and winter boots.  But its gorgeous out, oh how gorgeous out it is. 

Zayden watching me sewing his new pod when
he was just a wee lad. 

While digging in my linen closet this morning I found an old friend.  My snowflake podagei I started to make when I was pregnant with Zayden, and then finished while he was literally on my back watching the sewing machine finish the quilted wonder.  While it never was our most comfortable carrier, it is definatly the warmest...and I had forgotten all about it. 
It took a long time to make.  I have never done any sort of pattern like this...not even patchwork really at that time, and to do a snowflake, that was just insane. Its far from perfect, but it really is pretty to us!

So we took it for a spin this morning, no jacket for Zayden because this thing has a sweet layer of quilty goodness on the be honest, I think it literally is a thick old baby quilt inside.  His little face stuck out the top and he just sat so content back there humming "Veggie Tales" songs and having a good time.  We tried it with a traditional torso carry and that wasnt working out, so over the shoulders it went, which the carrier wasnt designed for, since it has a wide blanket, but it kinda was nice because the blanket part did come over my shoulders adding nice padding.

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